The roots of Sober Companion Services stem directly from the entertainment world.

Beginning about 15 years ago, actors and actresses on set began utilizing the services of companion-based support to stay focused in this type of challenging environment. Heavy pressure combined with a lot of down time can be a tricky place to try to maintain sobriety, so having a personal recovery coach can be a useful asset to both the client and the rest of the project. As this service gained in popularity, we have been able to help numerous people in the field walk through very difficult circumstances with grace and dignity, ensuring their reputations stay intact and their careers flourish.

The ability to blend seamlessly, while keeping confidentiality paramount, is crucial, so we employ Sober Companions who have experience working in both arenas. People who can speak the lingo, truly care about helping others, and are not easily impressed by celebrity status can empathize and understand what someone who has that status might be going through. We use all kinds of methods to find a way to blend a companion into someone’s team, so as to avoid causing undue strain and publicity.

In this high profile world it is important to match our clients with appropriate people. We use a high standard of vetting for our team, and find it is crucial to make a good connection for both Client and Companion. We welcome the opportunity to do multiple introductions, spending time together to make sure things are a good fit before assembling a team. This is really crucial in the Sober Companion world; someone who might be a great fit for one person might not be for another. We pride ourselves in having integrity, not trying to just fill a job, and refer out to other sources if we are not the appropriate fit.

Customized Case Management

We love custom creating case management programs. Providing a buffer for the Family/Client Relationship, Site Visits, Individual Coaching Sessions, and 24/7 Phone Access are just some of the things we can put in place to help your loved one continue on a solid path. Let us design something that works for you!


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