Private Sober Living

Reach pioneered a new model of aftercare by creating a hybrid version of the two most popular aftercare solutions, Sober Living and Sober Companion work, to form what we call Private One-on-One Sober Living.

It has proven to be incredibly effective in helping clients make the transition from inpatient treatment to living on their own.

How it works:  In a home or apartment, we place a client with one of our trained Recovery Coaches.  Traditional sober living environments can have up to 10 or more people who are newly sober living in a home together. This is sometimes not the optimal situation for a client. In this model we give someone the opportunity to live one on one with a trained sobriety coach; a true accountability partner and structure provider, greatly increasing chances for personal growth and continued sobriety.  Reducing the high cost of a 24/7 Sober Companion while still providing that style of service is an added benefit of the model. Services can be titrated and customized as progress occurs. This model can be replicated in a client’s home or a rented apartment. We love creating unique solutions for our clients and their families, contact us to find out more!


Appropriate clients might include:

  • An older demographic who might not fit in traditional (younger based) sober
    livings (though we can and have worked with 18+ many times to great success)
  • Unique situations where 10 people living together might not be the best fit
  • More individualized attention would benefit the client

Additionally, given the One on One Structure:

  • Titrating the level of support is more achievable
  • This can be a bridge to sober living or a steadier path toward autonomy; a “boot camp” on how to live in the world sober, learning from someone who’s done it rather than from the “groupthink” of traditional sober living environments
  • We can create this model at a client’s home location or location of choice

Customized Case Management

We love custom creating case management programs. Providing a buffer for the Family/Client Relationship, Site Visits, Individual Coaching Sessions, and 24/7 Phone Access are just some of the things we can put in place to help your loved one continue on a solid path. Let us design something that works for you!


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