Sober Transport

Sober Companions are utilized in all phases of the Treatment Process.

They can be an extension of the Intervention process, a helping hand during a medical detox procedure, onsite at Treatment facilities for various reasons, and/or as a quality aftercare solution in home, on set, on tour, in sober living, etc.

When Transporting of clients is called for, a sober companion is uniquely qualified to provide safe passage either to or from a facility. These are crucial moments in a client’s path of change, and the gentle guiding hand of someone trained to handle the wide variety of circumstances that can occur can make all the difference. There are a multitude of reasons to engage a companion for this phase:

  • Intervention can sometimes be a difficult process, and to have a second person on hand who can assist the Interventionist and then take over can allow the space for the client to begin processing this next phase of their lives.
  • Providing valuable knowledge to the client about a program or what to expect while at a certain facility.
  • Experience has taught us that as the family is taking this very important step in their healing, all kinds of potential problems arise if the family tries to handle the transport process. As the decision is made to enter treatment, a clean transfer using trained professionals assures that that “moment of willingness” can then follow through to a successful admission.

The same guidelines apply towards the end of an inpatient stay. The 72 hours following an Inpatient Treatment experience is a prime period for relapse, and we want to give the client the best possible chance to continue on a positive path.

Customized Case Management

We love custom creating case management programs. Providing a buffer for the Family/Client Relationship, Site Visits, Individual Coaching Sessions, and 24/7 Phone Access are just some of the things we can put in place to help your loved one continue on a solid path. Let us design something that works for you!


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