Adolescent Transport

Reach supports families in effecting change through caring and compassionate Transport of your loved one, ask us about how we can help you!

Reach is a pioneer in the field of Adolescent Transport Services. Our team is a group of skilled and compassionate “change effectors” who make sure to take the best of care. We are on Utah’s Approved Adolescent Transporting Company list.

We understand that making the decision to send your child to a Residential Treatment Center, a Wilderness Program, or a Therapeutic Boarding School may be the hardest decision of your life, and getting them positioned and delivered to the level of care that will get them the Services they need may be scary and daunting, but WE CAN SUPPORT you in this.

Asking a young man or woman who is struggling to quickly walk through the Stages of Change to choose additional support is not easy, but what can happen when utilizing skilled professionals from outside the family system is that change (accepting support) can occur faster, safely getting them to the help so desperately need with less opportunities for dysregulation.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about this in today’s media, but what you need to know about our approach is we (and frankly the large majority of people doing this work), are in this for the Love of Helping People. This is a Family Systems approach of Intervention, and we believe in the Power of Family. We have story after story of transformations from “No Way” to a hug at the end of the day, and there is no such thing as “Gooning” in our model.

We will coach you; We will work with your Educational Consultant if there is one, and coordinate with the Team your child is heading towards to.

Please contact John Morris at (888) 649-9293 to learn more about our unique approaches.