Case Management

For Addiction Case Management Services in the Los Angeles area, Reach Aftercare and John Morris can create a custom program for you that incorporates the traditional services aftercare provides;

These include:

  • Continuing Care Plan
  • Therapeutic Referrals
  • Daily/Weekly Check In’s
  • Drug Testing/Monitoring
  • Soberlink Facial Recognition Breathalyzer
  • Crisis Management
  • Family Support Services

Case Management can be much more effective when a client centered, proactive approach is taken, and as such we seek to integrate the use of a “Recovery Coach”  as part of the Case Management Plan. This model of Case Management is based on William White’s Model of “Assertive Continuing Care” rather than a more traditional aftercare model. The majority of people completing addiction treatment resume using in the year following treatment and 80% do so within 90 days of discharge, so we need a new paradigm of aftercare to break the cycle!

White challenges us to:

  • Replace “Aftercare as an Afterthought” with Sustained and Assertive Continuing Care
  • Abandon use of the term “Aftercare”; ongoing recovery management is the essence of treatment, not an optional adjunct
  • Abandon “discharge planning” and provide sustained continuing care as an expected component of treatment for individuals with high problem severity & complexity.
  • Design and implement systems of assertive continuing care

Click here to go to 2006 New Recovery Paradigm William white papers

Customized Case Management

We love custom creating case management programs. Providing a buffer for the Family/Client Relationship, Site Visits, Individual Coaching Sessions, and 24/7 Phone Access are just some of the things we can put in place to help your loved one continue on a solid path. Let us design something that works for you!


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