Case Management

For Case Management Services, Reach Aftercare can create a custom program for you that incorporates the traditional services aftercare provides

These include:

  • Continuing Care Plan
  • Therapeutic Referrals
  • Daily/Weekly Check In’s
  • Drug Testing/Monitoring
  • Soberlink Facial Recognition Breathalyzer
  • Crisis Management
  • Family Support Services

Case Management can be much more effective when a client centered, proactive approach is taken.  This model of Case Management is based on William White’s Model of “Assertive Continuing Care” rather than a more traditional aftercare model. The majority of people completing addiction treatment resume using in the year following treatment and 80% do so within 90 days of discharge, so we need a new paradigm of aftercare to break the cycle!

White challenges us to:

  • Replace “Aftercare as an Afterthought” with Sustained and Assertive Continuing Care
  • Abandon use of the term “Aftercare”; ongoing recovery management is the essence of treatment, not an optional adjunct
  • Abandon “discharge planning” and provide sustained continuing care as an expected component of treatment for individuals with high problem severity & complexity.
  • Design and implement systems of assertive continuing care

Click here to go to 2006 New Recovery Paradigm William white papers

John Morris Discussing Case Management