John Morris is a Certified Neurofeedback Professional who utilizes Cygnet Software and the Othmer Method of Low Frequency Training.

Currently John does not have a “private practice” in an office setting, but is available to bring the software on coaching jobs, and can travel to clients with it.

Some examples:

  • A client in Boulder, Co wanted John to be his Recovery Coach, but they didn’t know each other well, so John came to Boulder, and did a couple sessions daily with him for 3 days. They ran around town getting ready for the upcoming school year, had some meals together to get to know each other, hit an AA meeting or two. He liked Neurofeedback and was getting results, so we found him a provider in Boulder and John stayed on as a virtual 2x a week coach.
  • A family was doing a weekend intensive with a therapist in Dallas, TX, John came along and did 2 sessions a day on Mom, Dad and their 10 yr old son. Son really got some help (main reason John came), and he continued on with a local provider, having already figured out which protocols were working.
  • Recently John lived for 60 days as a Recovery Companion helping a young adult male in Seattle do a “Mental Health Bootcamp”, utilizing Neurofeedback as a twice daily modality to help him stabilize.

John is mostly likely the only Recovery/Mental Health Companion in the country who can bring Neurofeedback Software on a job, it adds a lot of value to a structured program as an additional modality, please contact us for more information at (888) 649-9293

Please see the link here to learn more.