: the act of affecting the outcome or course especially of a condition or process (as to prevent harm or improve functioning)

: an occurrence in which a person with a problem (such as a drug addiction) is confronted by a group (as of friends or family members) whose purpose is to compel the person to acknowledge and deal with the problem

Reach defines Intervention as creating positive change for an individual or a system.

While John Morris is trained and certified in the Arise Model of Intervention and is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), and certainly is skilled in what we now classically think of as “Interventions” (people in a circle reading letters with a goal of Inpatient Treatment for a Substance User), we have to expand that perception to fit the definition.

Inpatient may not be the first step, Substance Abuse may not be the Issue. John and his team work as collaborators with Individuals and Families to identify appropriate Levels of Care, Modalities and Support for a range of Mental Health (and Substance) issues. “Interventionist” may be one part of the role, but we are also Resource Managers, Safe Space Creators, Family Systems Advisors, and Crises Management Supporters. We become your Team!

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John Morris Discussing Intervention

An Intervention Story