Educational Consulting

John Morris is a Member of The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and has a wealth of knowledge about various programs around the country.

John combines his skills as an Interventionist, Case manager, and Resource Allocator to work with families in identifying what might be the appropriate level of Care, then drilling down as to what Programs or Modalities might be best to support your Loved One.

He tends to take an approach that is not punitive nor abrupt, as removing a child from his or her home environment is a traumatic event, even if it’s the appropriate one. But unless that is what is immediately being called for, say by a school district funding a placement at a Residential Treatment Center or Therapeutic Boarding Placement, John is a big proponent of helping families craft support services and utilizing modalities at home first.

A consultant like John will be there to help you along the way as:
• A guide who actually has been on site and toured programs who can offer you recommendations to explore as a family
• These recommendations are tailored to each specific student, there are a myriad of programs out there, and there is one for your loved one.
• Collating Data through consultations with the family, information from Therapists and Psychiatrists, Ordering, Collecting and Organizing testing results, whether it be School Standardized Testing/Individual IQ/ Neuropsychological Testing
• Individual Sessions with both Student and Family Members to uncover and explore personal issues and family dynamics in an effort to craft a strategic plan for change and wellness.

Call John at (888) 649-9293 to learn more!

John Morris Discussing Educational Consulting