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Welcome to Reach. We specialize in unique solutions for healing. Our mission is to provide clients and their families the best possible support and access to services along their particular wellness journey. As your personal Resource and Care Manager, we create individualized plans to give clients the best chances at sustained wellness and health. We offer Interventions, Case Management, Sober/Mental Health Companions along with Transport Services and Recovery Coaching. Please call John Morris at (888) 649-9293 to learn more!

Creating Customized Support for Your Client's Wellness Journey

When working with today’s complex clients, true collaboration with Treatment Professionals is Paramount. We have found that supporting Treatment Teams & Adding Bandwidth for Professionals is our Core Business.

John has found that he loves doing Companion work for other Interventionists, or safely Transporting the client of a fellow Educational Consultant, and working together with those
professionals has produced the greatest satisfaction and outcomes.


We utilize our vast knowledge of holistic interventions, identification with the client’s background, and humor to help people “Re-Integrate” as they head back to their lives.

Since 2007, John Morris has immersed himself within the global treatment and recovery
industry.  He has a wealth of knowledge about numerous programs, facilities and resources and utilizes this along with Interventions, Case Management, Mental Health and Recovery Companionship, Recovery and Life Coaching, Adolescent Transportation, Educational Consulting and Neurofeedback.


A Message To Professionals

Actual Testimonials​

See what other professionals and client families have to say about Reach Aftercare

I’ve watched John work with his clients in a Case Management and Coaching role, and he truly goes above and beyond in terms of the services and availability he provides to his clients. John creates a great coaching alliance with his warmth and kindness, and backs this up with a message of hope and change
Dr. Reza Nabavi
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I was afraid to send my son to Sober Living because the last time there he followed others into relapse. He bonded with John and they spent 90 days creating a new healthy lifestyle. Still sober 2 years later, graduating college, a true miracle!
Grateful Mom
Pacific Palisades, CA
John has done more trainings than most therapists I know, so in his role as a case manager or sober coach I know he is constantly supporting my therapeutic process with the client. I’ve watched him come up with unique and creative solutions for client care based on his knowledge of the resources available, and his integrity always comes through. I’d recommend him to anyone.
Ray Santamaria
LMFT Executive Director One to One Treatment
John at Reach saved my son and treated my family with the utmost integrity and fairness. We had been through the wringer and were running out of options. He helped us get our son back, and we are forever grateful!
Jack E.
Dallas, TX

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