Our Clients

Who Would Benefit From Utilizing a Sober Companion or Wellness Coach?

More and more people are seeking companion-based support. Perhaps they are referred by a therapist, treatment facility, or case manager, or even by an agent, their place of business, or their family. Here at Reach we see a full spectrum of all types of individuals and presenting cases that a companion based model can provide support for.

The types of issue we work with might range from:

  •  The Alcoholic or Addict who presents mainly with a dependency or Addiction issue
  • Mental Health Issues are a specialty here at Reach, and we work with many types of issues:

Axis I and II diagnoses such as Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Eating Disorders (so helpful to utilize a companion to model behavior).

Mood Disorders like Bi-Polar I and II, Depression.

Impulse Control Disorders like Kleptomania and Pathological Gambling.

  • Dual Diagnoses: Cases where both Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction are present but there are also Mental Health issues can be particularly difficult, and we work with both very well as an adjunct to any comprehensive clinical team.

As this model has become more widespread, people are realizing that a companion can be an integral tool in the change process, so we work with a wide variety of Clients.

  • Young Adults: Who can benefit from the peer-to-peer support of someone who has walked through a similar path, protection against the “peer pressure” that derails so many.
  • Professionals: The stress of high profile jobs can make navigating early recovery very difficult.
  • Athletes, Musicians, Entertainment Industry: Where the pitfalls are numerous, and potentially damaging to careers.
  • Anyone who wants to build a more solid foundation for their recovery in a quicker period of time, or is discovering that perhaps a companion might give their clinical team the best chances at helping them grow.