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What does a Sober Companion do?

Put simply, a companion helps clients turn recovery tools into practical application. Some examples of day-to-day services we provide would be:

  • Transportation: Safely getting to all appointments and meetings
  • 12 Step Meeting Selection and Accompaniment
  • Redirecting and/or Processing as challenging situations occur
  • Coaching Services in real time, this can be so helpful in cementing good behaviors and patterns
  • Providing the clinicians with detailed case notes, so they can get a much better idea of what is really happening with the client, as oftentimes “self-reporting” can be so unreliable.
  • Providing a buffer to just get through the one moment when taking a drink or a drug might seem like a good idea, helping the client walk through those cravings and urges until they have sufficient tools to do so themselves, so as to not derail all the work they have done with one bad decision
  • Complex cases and dual diagnoses can present multiple challenges: self-harm, panic attacks, etc. are all situations where having a trusted guide can be so comforting and therapeutic for a client

What makes a good Companion?

A quality Reach Re-Integrator will:

  • Possess credibility as a person of integrity, wisdom and compassion
  • Know how to make things happen even when formal resources appear to be lacking
  • Possess a deep knowledge of individual/family addiction and recovery processes
  • Has a rich knowledge of the local communities and their recovery support resources
  • Is knowledgeable about multiple pathways and styles of addiction recovery and their associated support structures
  • Is capable of initiating and sustaining healthy, respectful recovery support relationships
  • Is able to work from a position of collaboration and mutual respect with other service professionals
  • Possesses good self-care rituals, and the ability to ask for, and utilize, supervisory guidance.

Having someone who has the above qualities on your team can make all the difference as we provide the types of services listed for you or your loved one!

John Morris Discussing Wellness Support