Wellness Coaches & Recovery Companions

For Companion Services, Reach Aftercare and John Morris can create a custom program for you!

The genesis of sober companions began in the entertainment world about 15 years ago, where actors on set or musicians on the road would employ the services of a sober “buddy” to help keep them on track in an industry rife with temptations and distraction. Over time this very simplistic approach has morphed into a very effective solution for persons leaving treatment or needing extra support through difficult situations. Effective companions are no longer just a “buddy”, but trained sobriety coaches with real skill in helping clients transition back home post treatment; creating replicable and sustainable structured daily “programs for living”.

Here at Reach Aftercare we use a different term for our companions and refer to ourselves as “Re-Integrators”; because that is what we are really doing, helping someone to transition to a new life. Rather than create a relationship where the client needs us to stay sober, we give them the tools, support, and encouragement to find their own path!

Reach’s philosophy is to make all of our Sober Companions partners in our business, so we draw our “Re-Integrators” from a pool of experienced providers. They come from affluent and active lifestyle backgrounds; personal trainers, extreme skiers, yoga practitioners, etc. This identification piece is so necessary when working with the demographic we service with companion work. We created Reach to give these incredible men and women a platform to allow them to focus on what they do best, helping people change their lives!

Companions can be 24/7, daily, or a combination of both over time.   We are not just “Sober” coaches either, we also work with a wide variety of Mental Health and Eating Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Learning/Life Skills issues. Our coaches are all highly experienced with specific skill sets to match clients specific needs.  Relevant Background checks and CPR certifications are performed.

Connecting clients with appropriate clinical resources is also very important, so we create a custom program that suits each individual, combined with the clinical support each “Re-Integrator” gets from the Reach team.

We realize some clients may be on set, on tour, or traveling for business, and we will work to develop a program that helps you smoothly integrate your companion into that framework. As with all our clients, confidentiality is paramount!

John Morris Discussing Mental Health Companions